Happy 3 year aniverary janoskians

I seriously don’t get why the Janoskians are trying to go into music. To be honest, they can’t sing except for Jai and Luke. The songs have no meaning and the titles are shit  not very good. ‘Not a Boyband’ my fucking ass. They seem to be forgetting the reason they got famous. Their videos, when they actually post them, aren’t even that funny any more. 

Then having a movie too..I get they are famous, but what have they done to actually get a movie? Is it just going to be about pranks for an hour? Because that is going to be boring as crap. I seriously don’t get it. I kinda feel like they are trying to get more fame from having a movie. 

Maybe they should just take a little break and think about why they are famous, not ways to get them more famous. It’s getting ridiculous.